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Here’s How Much Americans Pay for Cable Channels They Don’t Watch

how many channels do you watch
We love our TV, but most of us aren’t using most of the pay-TV package that we’re paying for.

Bruce Springsteen famously sings about how “there’s 57 channels and nothin’ on.” In reality, for most traditional cable customers, there’s nearly 200 channels and a few things on.

The average household in the United States spent seven hours and 50 minutes a day watching TV in 2017, according to Nielsen. That’s actually down from a peak of eight hours and 55 minutes in 2009, but it’s still a stunning amount of time spent in front of the television.

Based on the time spent watching TV, a cable subscription actually offers a pretty good value. The problem is that most people only watch a fraction of the channels they have access to, according to a new study from Cordcutting...

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Why cable bills are rising again and what can you do.

high cost of cable

NEW YORK — Cable and satellite TV providers are ringing in the new year with an unwelcomed gift: higher cable bills.

Comcast, for instance, says customer bills will rise 2.2%, on average, in 2018. AT&T is raising DirecTV’s prices by up to $8 a month in mid-January. Smaller providers are planning increases, too.

Over the past decade, prices for TV service have risen almost twice as fast as inflation, according to an analysis of government data. Data provider S&P Global Market Intelligence says customers’ cable and satellite TV bills have soared 53% since 2007, to $100.98 in 2017.

Annual rate hikes are as guaranteed as death and taxes. But you can push back and trim your bill.

Why prices rise

Cable companies point to rising fees they pay to carry TV networks...

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What is a Smart TV?

What is a Smart TV

Still wondering why you should buy a smart TV? Here’s what you should consider.

Just like TVs that feature 4K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR), smart TVs make up the bulk of what you’ll find on store shelves these days. Smart TVs aren’t just popular, they’re the status quo. As an example, every single model on our list of the best TVs you can buy is a smart TV. Even the models on our list of the best TVs under $500 are all smart TVs.

But what makes a TV smart, and which TVs are the smartest? We’re here to answer those questions, and ensure you’re well-educated heading into your next big purchase. Doing your homework can be the difference between spending hundreds on a stopgap solution and picking out a TV that’ll last you for several years...

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