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Which Streaming TV Service Is Best Streaming TV Service For You?

With Apple finally launching its own TV streaming service, Apple TV Channels and original programming with Apple TV+, the streaming entertainment market just got that sweet little dollop of fudge on top of an already over-sized and tilting sundae.

Apple brings out the big guns

Apple trotted out Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon, Steven Speilberg, Big Bird and freaking Oprah so you know that there is some serious bank behind Apple TV+, which is a service on top of Apple TV Channels. So the cost to the consumer is surely going to be a base fee for Channels, then an added fee for the plus service. The Apple TV presentation coolly left out any pricing details, but we’ll pay. We’ve cut the cord. We’re committed to streaming.

Be Careful…costs can add up quickly

But w...

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