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5 Reasons Cord Cutting is Set to Accelerate in 2019

Cord cutting is accelerating

TV is changing. Cable and satellite TV subscribers peaked in 2012, and pay TV is losing millions of subscribers a year as consumers cut the cord and adopt Internet-based streaming services.

Consumers today watch more TV than ever – the average household watches nearly eight hours a day. More Americans own a TV than a computer or a smartphone. But they’re changing what they watch – and the way they watch. This year, six people will cut the cord every minute. 

Here are five reasons we believe cord-cutting is set to accelerate in 2019:

1) Streaming is vastly improving the TV experience

Research suggests TV habits change long before a cable subscriber cuts the cord...

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AT&T Sales Decline as Cable Customers Cut Cord


AT&T Inc.’s shrinking traditional TV subscription and wireless phone businesses continued to take a toll on the giant’s financial performance in the latest period.

The Dallas-based company has made a big push in media and entertainment as its core wireless business stalled.

Acquisitions of new companies

Already the largest domestic pay-television operator following its acquisition of satellite company DirecTV, AT&T is trying to buy Time Warner, owner of CNN, HBO and the Warner Bros. film and TV studio. The deal, under regulatory review, is expected to close by year’s end.

AT&T said the number of subscribers to its video services fell by 89,000 in the quarter ended Sept. 30, as customers abandoned its fiber-optic-video and satellite-TV services...

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