Cut the Cord

Definition Cord Cutting:
“Cord cutting, in a telecommunications context, is the practice of stopping a cable or satellite television service. In the cases of cable and satellite service, most cord cutters drop them in favor of less expensive options, such as Internet TV (ITV).”

Every month when your cable/internet bill arrives do you get CABLE BILL SHOCK? I did, but I finally said NO MORE! I played the cable providers game, changing every year from one to another searching for a better rate…but that has come to Screeching Halt!

Cable Services are mostly bait and switch… a low ball teaser rate then you get slammed with additional fees, taxes and lifetime equipment rentals.

So I studied for weeks on how to reduce my cable/internet bill. I was amazed that I could bring my cost down from $260.00 a month to $85.00 Flat! WOW…. was I a happy dude or what?

Was it scary…YES!, Was it intimidating…YES! or did I worry I’d screw up….YES! But after a lot of hard work and late night studying, I have escaped the monthly Cable Bill Shock!

Cord Cutter can do the same for you. If you too experience CABLE BILL SHOCK every month, we can show you how to reduce that bill 40%, 50% or even up to 70%! In most cases you can Save up to $800 to $1500 Annually.

No scares, No intimidation, No worries! Our service takes you completely through the change, holding your hand and walking you through the cord cutting minefield every step of the way.

The best part is before you pay anything we will tell you how much you can save from your current cable/internet bill. There is no obligation or charge to you at all…none! We will show you what streaming TV and internet service is best for you and what, if any, equipment you may need. Then we help you put it all together.

If you decide to “Cut the Cord” our One Time Charge is $99.00 – No Contracts, No fees, No taxes, No equipment Leases, No Nothing except for your streaming/internet bill each month which is paid directly to your provider.

In addition to setting up your streaming and internet service for $99.00, we also include 30-day free technical service. After that, if you elect, there will be a $7.95 monthly charge for 24/7 unlimited tech service. If you have any issues with your streaming TV, internet service or just have questions we will always be there. This service may also be canceled at any time.

If you are interested in saving money please click the link below and fill out the free analysis form. We will get back with you in a day or so, showing you just how much you can save.